• Extremely Affordable

    Proximity Beacons

    Beacons can be placed or carried any where, sending messages to anyone in range with an Android device.

    Change the way you think about advertising!  Put your message where people are looking... THEIR PHONES

    • How Do They Work?

    • Beacons transmit a Bluetooth signal to any Android device in range that has Bluetooth and Location turned on.  It's estimated that over 60% of phones are Android and that 70% of those devices have Bluetooth and Location turned on.

      The Beacons transmit a 40 character message and attached URL, allowing businesses to promote products, services and specials.  Many large retailers have been utilizing beacon solutions for years and until recently beacons required an associated mobile app in order to function.

      In Unicast's Proximity.Directory Q1 2017 Report it was estimated that Small and Medium sized businesses can increase operating Profit by 8% with an ROI of 365%.  

    • What Are They?

      Beacons are small devices that are waterproof, weather proof and are battery opperated.  They transmit an identifer 24/7 to near by devices.  That identifer can be associated with a 40 character message and website.

      Beacons can be placed anywhere and can be carried anywhere.  It's ideal to have beacons in high trafic areas to send information to the most people possible.


      Beacons send out Bluetooth signals that are recieved by Android Devices within range that have both Bluetooth and Location Services turned on.  Thats about 70% of the market.

    • When the beacons are broadcasting to a phone they are displayed when the person swipes down on their phone to see updates, messages, emails, news and other information.  This video demonstrates how the beacons on seen on the phone.