• Big Apps for small business

    Custom Mobile Apps

    Consumers are mobile...we all are.  Mobile Apps are the drive thru's of the digital world, making life easer and more convenient.  The businesses that are meeting their customers in the mobile world are winning. 

    • Welcome to ZerAppa

    • We provide the easiest way for small businesses to connect with their customers in the Mobile World!  Having a digital presence in business isn't an option any more.   Websites have become the Ante to get into the game, but things are changing...  

      The world has gone mobile and businesses need to catch up to their customers. Companies with a mobile presence, that can communcate and engage with their consummers, have a big advantage over their competition.

    • Bringing Small Businesses into the Mobile World

      We create custome apps with tons of features.  Building mobie apps that meet the needs of buisnesses and their customers.  Apps that can help consummers save time, are providing the value people want and we help small businesses with the tools to do this.


      Provide easy food ordering and payment options , PIctures, Specials, Push Notifications, Loyalty, and Coupons


      Customers can quickly see whats happening and when.  Be notified of upcoming events and see whats on special


      Allow your patients to easily book appointments, learn about additional services, stay informed and educated.


      Customers can schedule appointments, buy products, recieve coupons, and learn about other services 


      Customers can browse and purchase products, recieve coupons, and stay informed on sale items