• About Us

  • About Us

  • Zerappa is the sister company of The Restaurant Directories, which has been around for 20 years selling advertising to restaurants. We realized that times are changing and saw a need in the market for useful, functional apps…at a reasonable price. It took six months to come up with the framework for us to produce high functioning apps at a low cost….Big Apps for Small Business.  

    With all the digital media outlets and approaches out there (Websites, Facebook, Email, Texting, Twitter…) Apps are THE most effective way to stay connected with your customers and give them a way to easily and mobily interact with you.  

    The best thing about apps, is that they aren’t just for restaurants and big retailers. Just about everyone could benefit from having an app. We are all on our phones all day and having a presence on someone’s phone is extremely powerful.  

    Think for a minute about Facebook and Domino’s. Both of these companies had websites, mobile websites and email solutions. Not until they produced an app did their business and frequency of customer interaction explode.  Facebook users were relegated to limited usage while on their computers. Of course they could access on their phone with mobile websites, but they didn’t….too many buttons to push. With the Facebook app, people are literally on Facebook all day.  Dominos had a great ordering solution on their website and mobile site, when they produced their app, their business exploded. It became so much easier for push 3 buttons on a phone and order (and pay for) a pizza.  It takes 10 pushes on the phone to call them.

    Apps are an exciting addition to any marketing strategy and at Zerappa, we are excited to help small businesses get the app they want and need, at a price they can afford.